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Wondrous benefits of Brown sugar! (^^♪


How have you been?

New beginning for year 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 (*note: it’s numerology)

Yahoo!! S T R O N G Number!

That means this year will be wonderful for everyone!

I wonder some of you didn’t have a good start to the new year?

No worries! ( note: I’m from NZ haha 😎 )

It will be a great year for you, too. Of cause. The change will happen!

First of all…

Let’s get ready for yourself.

hmmm…what do I mean?

well.. you need confidence in your skin first, right?

Let me tell you Salt scrubs are sometimes bit dangerous to your skin

as the size of the grain can cause microscopic tears.

 I’m made with Epsom salt ( good mineral! yeay!) and

brown sugar has smaller particles, it’s gentle and safer.

Wondrous benefits. of Brown sugar…

  1. It’s good as exfoliator on your face or for sensitive skin

       because it’s softer than regular sugars but strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells.

       2.  It contains glycolic acid, that fights bacteria so that keeping your skin healthy!

       3. It breaks down glue-bonded skin cells which support cell’s turnover…gives you younger looking skin!

       4. It is a natural humectant so it helps to locks moisture in your skin.

 Did you surprise how the brown sugar works in our skin?

Amazingly wondrous isn’t it!?

I will give you confidence in your skin right away!

xx SASS. xx

Brown sugar