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Happy new year SASSY babes!

How did you start your new year?

I started mine in NZ watching beautiful fireworks on New years day.

I looked back a year ago and reviewed 2017 and realized how much everything has changed.

How much I have grown and how many new things I have learned from every experience!

Now… We are standing on the start line for this good new year 

Are you excited to think what kind of new things could happen to you?

Who are you going to meet, what you will learn, and where you will go? 

AND… what about me? WELL, I want to connect with you and stay close to you~~~ !

So here are some tips to stay SASSY 😀 

***secrets to staying SASSY… ****

  1. Scrub at least twice a week to keep the supple skin.
  2. Drink plenty of water every day. 
  3. Surrender any negative thoughts! 
  4. Think positive! Tell yourself ” I’m beautiful I’m wonderful!”
  5. Eat well. Rainbow color. ex..red onion, orange carrot, green lettuce, yellow banana…


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Don’t miss the chance!!

love xxx

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