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Jump into 2018! Are you ready?


How have you been?

Party party party?  hung over.. Feeling not gooood 😎 having a headache..

Ahhhh… skin is dry and dull.. blackhead on the nose!!

Pick me up~~~! I’ve been hearing your shout! Help~~~!!

=SASS. recommend you to drink plenty of water. gulp gulp gulp! 

Ideally, you need to drink 30ml / 1kg of your weight.

as if your weight is 50kg then 50 x 30 ml = 1.5L 

you need to drink 1.5L everyday ~! 

Especially when you had a drinking night.. you need lots^^/

It’s good for your skin as well.

For your skin…

Don’t forget to take me to the bathroom.

I will gently hydrate your skin with Coconuts oil, Avocado oil,

Argan oil, sunflower oil, and Jojoba Oil.

Wara!  your skin is hydrated, shining and smooth.

Now, you are Ready for the New year!